My first time job

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Well, it’s been a long time 😀

In the Office

I just realized that i never updated my blog 🙂

Well, since April 2012 i started working on Gameloft as game developer, which is located in Jogja. For the people who never know Gameloft is, Gameloft is greatest video game publisher ever (hahahaaaha)….  Surely, i never never thought that i would be here 🙂

For the very first time i stepped my foots on this office, the only thing in my mind was nervous and  nervous 🙂

but, thank GOD, i get my buddies… They are crazy, funny, and kinda nerd as well (kiddin’ :p )

Le me with my team-mates

with Afin a.k.a ambon

Afin was my junior when we were on college, but he is my senior here, goddamn 😦

Le me with Mas Rico (black), Nikolas (green)

Well, thanks for viewing my blog :). I will update it ASAP 🙂



  1. fitrahmp said,

    love the DKN3 team photo 😀

    • boynurah said,

      so do i Mbak FItrah, the greatest team ever 😀

      ayoo balik ke Java dunk :p

      • fitrahmp said,

        wah, nggak bisa ky’nya.. 🙂
        masih ada tanggungan di WP8

      • Boy Mustafa said,

        wah gitu ya, sukses ya Mbak Fitrah 🙂

  2. arumsha said,

    Hmm…you seem to be thinner, or it just because of my blindness for seeing the picture is. Maybe, just a good view of taking angle. :p Over all, good luck for your effort. Hopefully, get the best and can reach whatever you wish there.

    • boynurah said,

      thinner? well you gotta be kiddin’ Sar :p

      Aamin Sari, thank you 😀

      • arumsha said,

        ya.. i don’t say seriously at all about thinner… =))
        never mind..

  3. okta said,

    yang paling diinget dari boy : ngomong sambil kringetan “kelemahan saya : slalu grogi kalau sama perempuan apalagi yang cantik” ahahahahahaa kalau pas itu ga jaim aku sama arif wes pengen ngekek guling2 :DD…. di gameloft banyak yang cantek2 kan boy XDD

    • Boy Mustafa said,

      masi diinget ye Mbak Okta ni 😀

      GL cantik2? ah masa sih? 😛

      • Ok.Ta said,

        aku tuh inget kalian2 yg pnah tak itvw aja tapi, nek ndak ketemu aku ya ga inget :p ya iyalah cantekkk kalau ga mana bisa ada yg bikin kamu termehek2 kaya si mbaknyaa ituuu *jog-gossip :DD

      • Boy Mustafa said,

        awsem, malah uda kedengeran ampe km ye gosip gituan >_<

        plis plis de itu cuma gosip Mbak 😀

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