An intimate experience in Pindul with JOG-BOLANG

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Hello 😀

Last Saturday ( September 8th 2012) i and JOG-BOLANG went to  Goa Pindul located in Gunungkidul (+- 1 hour from Yogyakarta)

We did a Cave Tubing there. Cave tubing is a combination of rafting and caving using rubber tube. You enjoy the trips by lay inside a set of tubes and following the drift of the underground river. For the people who love extreme sport, i recommend this :D. Why? Just try it and you’ll find out why :p

There were 3 different packages, we took 2 packages: cave tubing in Pindul and another ones (sorry, i forgot :D) )..

Total cost was 75K IDR/person,  that cost include standard safety cave tubing equipment and took about +- 4 hours to finish them all…..

then, after long long way from Jogja to Pindul, we were ready!!!!

JOG-BOLANG ready !!!!

In the outside we could see bright light, it was awesome!!!!

Le Mas Rico w/ Fitrah

JOG-Bolang outside the cave

Inside the cave was very very dark, we couldn’t see anything without flashlight. Went along the river through the cave was the fantastic experience, you could see stalactites everywhere. The stalactites seen on the cave’s roof kept dropping water from their tip.  The bats were hanging on the ceiling and i thought we just entered bat cave :p…. hahahaha


Le stalactite

Di dalam gua, ada sebuah tempat untuk istirahat. Di situ juga kami bisa bermain loncat dari tebing2 yang tidak terlalu tinggi.. that was fun 😀

Narcist everywhere

before jump

And then, we started leave the cave

Outside the cave

To go up, we had to climb the wall with a rope, nice 😀

Le Oscar climb up the wall

Le Mas Yani climb up the wall

Le Vita climb up

Le Fitrah climb up

and then we moved to different place, but still in Pindul to do another cave tubing…

Not like the first place, there were no cave, i called this half rafting and tubing :D.. and so hot!!! hahaha

Went along the river below the sunshine gave another experience 😀

Le cave tubing part 2

Then we arrived at the rest area, just like the first place.

You could see a small hill there

a small hill on the river

It was about 5 or 7 m height and we couldn’t insist to jump from there :D….






  1. fitrahmp said,

    ahahaa.. hey! that’s not 7 meters, that’s 10 above the river. Another one is 5 meters..

    • Boy Mustafa said,

      10? are you sure? :p

  2. vita said,

    hanya aku yang tidak loncat…..kapan kita kemana lagi……….?

    • Boy Mustafa said,

      Janganlah loncat, g tega ntar km kenapa2 hahaha

      sabtu minggu depan, pengen coba ke pantai 😀

  3. Kan Upin said,

    wah g ajak2 -_-

    • Boy Mustafa said,

      perasaan kan uda diajak kemaren, kamu yang gak mau gitu ko :p

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